Moksh Community Arts in Collaboration with Naach Houston Outreach Program- NHOP

Naach Dosti ( Friendship)

We offer this program teaching Bollywood Fusion dance classes at Local Schools , Community Centers and Universities, to promote cultural awareness through Dance and build cross cultural bridges creating opportunities to work as creative partners. 

We strongly believe in the principle 'as you shall receive so shall you give'. 
We Imbibe these values in our students and implement it through teaching dance programs at local organizations that house underprivileged children. 
We believe in sharing our joy of dance with the community and we do so by visiting old age homes and conduct dance workshops and perform charity shows called “Naach Sunshine” 

Naach Khushi

A program developed for kids, youth and adults with special needs. These classes are designed to facilitate dancing and performing no matter what his/her challenges are, along with buddies and peers from the community. This class is designed to develop peer interaction through dancing, building self confidence and improve on motor skills and coordination.




Community Committments